Show & Tell 2019

Show & Tell 2019
February 12

Fat Quarter Winner - Mati H

Door prize basket #1 Winner - Shirley T

Door prize basket #2 Winner - Paula K

Jacki A - Wall hanging using 3-D techniques

Jacki A - Community Service Quilt

Holly B - Community service Quilt

Nancy F - Scrap Hens

Paula K - Jenny Doan Roadshow 4-Patch

Rosie D - Finished Buffalo Quilt

Marilyn G - Turned a vintage teacup into a pin cushion

Marilyn G - Jelly Roll Rug

Marilyn G - Row, Row, Row Your Quilt 2017

Marilyn G - Bib for bedridden

Kristi K - Quilted Liners for vintage trays - used for display

Shirley T - Jelly Roll Rug technique using felt and becoming Placemats

Mati H - Colors ...

Carol B - Italian Witch Be

Tanya M - Jelly roll Rug

Tanya M - Quilt for family member

Tanya M - Calendar Block 2018

Shelly M - Fans Bag

Shelly M - Poppins Tote

Shelly M - Pillow from panel green

Shelly M - Pillow from panel purple

Shelly M - Pillow with 3-D Flower

Shelly M - Seasonal Heart Pillow

Block of the Month 2019 Blocks 1&2 Finishers!

January 8

Fat Quarters Winner - Holly B

Door Prize Basket 1 winner - Carol S

Door Prize Basket 2 winner - Shelly M

Eileen S - Quilt of Valor (ask her about joining a group making these!)

Ruth P - Jelly Roll Rug and Square rug made similarly

Ruth P - Sample Quilt  from hand-me-down kits

Cindy G - Jelly Roll Rugs

Jacki A - Doll Clothes

Jacki A - Doll Clothes are so well done and cute!

 Shelly M - Jelly Roll Rug

Carol S - Baby Quilt for church mission

Anna Mae F (guest) - Pillow made from selvages

Anna Mae F - Mini Pin Cushion from dollar store mugs

Kristi K - Womens' Work quilt

Kristi K - Calendar Blocks quilt

Kristi K - Sweet Abilene quilt

Kristi K - Eagle Dancer quilt 

Kristi K - closeup of one section above

Jeanne H (guest) - Iris club challenge quilt.

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