Board Minutes

Over the Mountain Quilt Guid
Board Meeting – January 4, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 10:10 a.m. by Claudia Sanders, President.

The required number of board members were present for a quorum.

Treasurer’s report:  will be presented at general meeting on January 9, 2018.

Committee reports:  Programs provided a statement that they were ready to begin the calendar project.  Instructions for January and February blocks will be distributed.

Old Business: 

Set-up and tear-down was discussed.  Claudia will make up a sign-up sheet.  Cindy said she had reminded those signed-up prior to each meeting and had a good amount of success with the sign-up sheet that way.  It was suggested that recoil extension cords would make such work much easier.  This would need to come out of the Property account and the budgeted amount did not allow for this.  Another source of funding would be the savings account and it will be discovered how to access these funds per the bylaws.

New Business:

The bank account signature changes need to be made with the new year and new officers.  A motion was made by Cindy to write the required memo of minutes and submit to Nuesenda Credit Union.  The motion was seconded by Claudia and there was a unanimous vote to carry the motion at 10:35 a.m.  The memo will add Bernadette Houghton, Claudia E. Sanders and retain Cindy Gregory as authorized representatives.  It will remove Carol Anderson and Carol Bush from the list.

Other new business-Cindy introduced the possibility of a new service, rotary blade sharpening.  She had found a device that would allow the guild to provide this service.  Funding for the sharpener will be determined after the savings account access issue is learned.  It will then be brought to the whole membership, asking for interest and possible reviews of the product.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Minutes taken by Lynette Rose.

Over the Mountain Board Meeting
July 11, 2017

Sandra called the meeting to order and asked that there be no side bars during the meeting.
Old Business-  Nancy Ford has the other pattern that we were supposed to do this year.  She will pass it around and see if anyone has an interest in the pattern.  If 10 or more ladies are interested, we can purchase the pattern for $ 12.

New Business-  Cindy Gregory said it appears that the Guild is leaning towards the calendar/table runners.  Cindy has a bunch of patterns and suggested that we all bring in our patterns to compare and look at.  The Board thanked Marilyn Gampel for volunteering to run Programs next year.  Eileen Suderman volunteered to assist Marilyn.
Carol Anderson has questions about this year’s project.  Who is going to take the lead in finishing up our quilts????  Kathryn and Holly will be teaching next month’s flying geese row.  After that, it is a matter of putting the entire project together.  Susannah suggested that we all be available to help.
September is our Anniversary and Demo month.  There will be no working on our quilt that month.

Carol Anderson volunteered to teach set-in triangles for log cabin black.  Sandra volunteered to help.
Some ideas were talked about for Demo Month.  For example: How to properly make a quilt label.  Sandra will ask members next month for volunteers to teach something.

Notes taken by Rosie Dorsey


Over the Mountain Board Meeting 
May 9, 2017

Sandra Philbrick called the board meeting to order at 11:15 am.  Attendees were:
Shelly Miller,  Nancy Ford, Holly Plugge, Susannah Faith, Cindy Gregory, Rosie Dorsey, Kathryn, Carol Anderson and Sandra Philbrick

First item of business-  First Aid-  Sandra suggested we have a first aid kit available for members with the address of where we hold Gilld.  She purchased one on Amazon for $24.95.  The board agreed to reimburse her for the kit.

Second item of business-  Room set-up and take-down-  Rosie Dorsey suggested that each “Pod” of ladies be responsible for their own table set-up and take-down.  Susannah Faith said that might not work because some ladies were not capable of doing it by themselves.  It was suggested that if no one has signed up for set up or take down on any month, then each member might have to do their own station.

Third item of business-  Carol Anderson has already found a replacement for Treasurer next year.  She suggested that we start searching for people to take over our jobs next year.

Fourth item of business -  Programs-  As always, programs is always a challenge.  Thru group ideas, we will start asking the ladies what they would like to see for next year.  Cindy Gregory agreed to be scribe in July with a flip chart.  Members can suggest items, and we can get an idea of how many are interested in those suggestions.

Sandra Philbrick called a dismissal of the board meeting at 11:42

Notes taken by Rosie Dorsey


Over The Mountain Board Meeting

January 10, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 12:10 pm by Susannah Faith

Old Business:  There were no comments to old business.  There were no concerns or anything that needed to be changed

New Business:  It was clarified that Nancy Ford will take charge of measurements for our 2017 project.  Holly Plugge will type up and send out materials needed to each demo team and Sandra will than send out monthly to Guild Members.

Reports:  No one signed up for the agenda so assumption is made that there are no reports.

Meeting adjourned:  Motion was made by Susannah Faith to adjourn meeting at 12:16

Cindy made the motion and Shelly seconded motion

Rosie Dorsey- Secretary