General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting Minutes
Over the Mountain Guild Meeting
February 13, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Claudia Sanders at 9:35 a.m.

Minutes for the previous meeting were posted on the brown board located on the stage, far-left.  They are also posted on the blog at

Treasurer’s Report:  Standing in for our Treasurer Bernadette Houghton, was Carol Anderson who reported that the balance of the checking and savings accounts combined is $5,204.40. 

Programs – Louise Stevenson was the instructor for the calendar blocks this meeting.  Cindy from the QuiltWorks was unable to come to our meeting so Eileen Suderman graciously stepped in to show us the special project, a cushion for wonder clips.

Sunshine:  Tanya Mangum announced birthdays:  Carol Anderson, Louise Stevenson, Judy McKinney and Marilyn Gampel.  Best wishes to all.
Membership – Cindy Gregory announced that there were 21 members in attendance in addition to 1 new member.  Welcome to Paula Kaye.

Raffle winners were:  Sigge for the general raffle.  After all these years she won on her last meeting.  She is moving to Florida.  Best of everything and now you have a little extra to move.
The fat quarter raffle was won by Eileen.

Next month Nancy Ford will have World Service school bag kits.  These bags are used to send needed items (emergency, school supplies, etc.) around the world.

Holly Plugge has printed out the directory of members.  Please make sure your information is correct.  She’ll contact you if you need a photo.

Lisa Pries-Linn made a request to all for thread of any kind that you do not want. Please bring it next meeting.

Eileen presented the idea to get retractable extension cords to make setup/tear-down easier.  The idea was well-received and the board voted on it.

Show and Tell followed.

The meeting was closed by Claudia Sanders at 10:07 a.m.
General Meeting Minutes
Over the Mountain Guild Meeting
January 9, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Claudia Sanders at 9:35 a.m.

Minutes for the previous meeting and any Board Meeting will be posted on the brown board located on the stage, far-left.  All minutes are also posted on the blog at

Treasurer’s Report:  Carol Anderson reported that the balance of the checking and savings accounts combined is $4,276.17.  This is Carol’s last treasurer report, thank you, Carol.  Bernadette Houghton, our Treasurer for 2018, will be reporting the rest of the year.

Programs – Eileen and Holly were the instructors for this meeting.  Next month the program will include a special project presented by Cindy from the QuiltWorks—a pin cushion for red clips.
Sunshine:  Tanya Mangum announced birthdays and she is the only birthday person of the month. 
Membership – Cindy Gregory announced that there were 25 members in attendance in addition to 4 new members.  Welcome the new members:  Ren Moews, Nicole Sinclair, Debra LaComette, and Kathleen Spradley.
Raffle winners were:  Susannah Faith for the general raffle and Cindy Gregory for the far quarters.

Old Business:  Budget presented last month was approved.  Holly Plugge made the motion and was seconded by Kathy Keller.  Vote was taken—the ayes had it with no nays.

New Business:  Claudia will pass around the sign-up sheet for set-up and tear-down of the tables.  She will notify you prior to the meeting you signed up for.

The position of Secretary was vacant until Ren Moews volunteered for the job.  Thank you, Ren.

Show and Tell followed.

Beverly Reynolds read a heartfelt thank you letter from Veteran’s Integration Center.  This is the organization to which all the community quilts were given in 2017.

The meeting was closed by Claudia Sanders at 10:00 a.m.


General Meeting Minutes

Over the Mountain Guild Meeting
December 12, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Susannah Faith at 9:40a.m.

Old Business:  Officers and volunteers for the guild were thanked and recognized for their efforts during 2017.

New Business:  Claudia Sanders, incoming President, passed out the budget for 2018.  She also made a welcomed announcement that the rent would be kept the same for 2018.  We thank the church.

Treasurer:  Carol Anderson reported that the balance of the checking and savings accounts combined is $3,916.94.

Sunshine:  Janet Robey announced that there were 3 birthdays in December:  Debbie Green, Ruth Porter, and Claudia Sanders.

Hospitality:  Shelly thanked everyone for the dishes they brought to the meeting as well as all the help during the year.

Community Service:  Eileen Suderman thanked everyone for the community quilts brought and they would still be collecting into next year for the 2017 quilt.  Jacki Albert will be heading up Community Service for 2018.

Membership:  Cindy Gregory announced that there were 23 members and 5 guests in attendance.  Janet Robey won the raffle for the box of quilting gifts and Eileen Suderman won the fat quarter raffle.

Programs:  The incoming lead for 2018 Programs, Marilyn Gampel, provided a preview of the calendar project planned.  Holly Plugge, Beverly Reynolds, Louise Stevenson, and Eileen Suderman will be assisting Marilyn as her right arms.

Meeting ended with Show and Tell followed by Commotion.


Over the Mountain Guild Meeting
November 14,2017

The meeting was called to order by Sandra Philbrick at 9:30 am

Old Business-  Officers and Committee Leads were announced by President Sandra Philbrick

President- Claudia Sanders
Vice President- Lynnette Rose
Treasurer- Bernadette Houghton
Programs- Marilyn Gampel
Community Service- Jacquelyn Albert   and Nancy Ford
Membership- Cindy Gregory
Sunshine- Tanya Mangum
Historian- Holly Plugge
Secretary- Open position

Kathryn Fuller made the motion to approve all positions
Rosie Dorsey seconded it

New Business-
Hospitality-Shelly Miller reminded everyone that December will be a pot luck
Sunshine- Janet Robey announced that there were 2 birthdays in November
                Bernadette Houghton and Holly Plugge
Community Service- Eileen Suderman is still collecting quilts
Programs- Finish up the Guild Project and work on UFOs

Treasurer- Carol Anderson reported that between checking and savings OTM has $3972.50
Membership- Linda Romero won the monthly box of quilting goodies
Eileen Suderman won the fat quarter drawing
Susannah Faith will act as President next month in Sandra’s absence.   Susannah presented Sandra with a Thank You gift for all she has done for the Guild this year.  Sandra received a Civil War Sampler book and Civil War Strips.

Last but not least, Sandra had been searching for a new location for us to meet at.  She tried 7 locations.
The end result was the Elementary School in Edgewood will let us use their gym at no cost.  The tables and chairs pull out from the walls, so setting up would not be a problem.  Most of the members are opposed to moving and claimed that setting up and taking down tables was “No big deal to accomplish” so the Guild will remain at the current location off Penny Lane.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:23.

Notes taken by Rosie Dorsey-Secretary

OTM Quilt Guild Minutes 10/10/17

9:30AM Sandra Philbrick called to order

Topics of discussion:
  1. Table setup good/bad.  Most raised their hands in vote for the table set up, Holly Plugge, Kathrine and Darrell Fuller set up the tables this morning.
  2. Email questionnaire response was reviewed.  Sandra thanked all who participated and said she would summarize what were the topics that were most brought up.
    1. Vote taken, needs to stand.  Majority rule.  We cannot have one or two people overrule what the majority has already voted for.  This is why we have bylaws and a board.
    2. This year’s quilt has been instructional for the group.  The quilt that the majority voted for has a pattern and it was made available to guild members who were willing to purchase it.
    3. Shelly will not be available for hospitality 2018 – so the only big spreads will be anniversary and Christmas.  Members encouraged to bring their own snacks.  Also we can still bring in goodies to share, just make sure to clean up and remove any leftovers. Members thanked Shelly Miller for all she has done in her role with hospitality.
    4. Bylaws might need a second look for review
    5. Table set up should less clique oriented.  Janitors will set up tables going forward at no additional cost.  The offer of setting up the tables by the church janitors was recanted.  We will have to set up the large rectangle tables ourselves or pay a HUGE fee to the church to have them do it. 
    6. Guest and new member recognized – Kristy King- new member.
    7. Treasurer report was announced by Carol Anderson
    8. Programs today was a  discussion of log cabin border by Carol Anderson.  Several brought their finished tops to share with the group
    9. Hospitality anniversary last month review, next month is pumpkin month foods, Christmas will be pot luck.
    10. Cindy presented winners of drawings and 27 members were present.  Jean Sinclair won general drawing, fat quarter drawing by Holly Bierman
    11. Birthdays for October were announced.
    12. New officers for 2018 announced.
                                                    i.     President – Claudia Sanders    Vice President Lynnette Rose
                                                   ii.     Treasurer – Bernadette
                                                  iii.     Secretary – still vacant
                                                  iv.     Programs - Marilyn Gample and several volunteered to help
                                                   v.     Community Service – Jackie Albert and Nancy Ford
                                                  vi.     Membership – Cindy Gregory  Sunshine- Tanya Mangum  Historian- Holly Plugge
    1. Community service raffle for sewing machine – Jackie Albert winner.
    2. Susannah told the group about her recent illness
    3. Show and tell
    4. Lisa Pries – Lynn announcing store specials
    5. Commotion
  1. Job Descriptions – can be found in two places – in your packet you get at the beginning of the year and on our website. 
  2. Submitted by Janet Robey and Sandra Philbrick

Over The Mountain Quilt Guild
September 12, 2017 General Meeting Minutes
Treasurer Report – Carol A: $4,167.31
Carol announced Supply list for next month and Fat Quarter color is Orange or Halloween fabric
President Sandra P put out a call for next year’s (2018) Board officers:
We are looking for volunteers to fill President, Vice-president, Secretary, Community Service, Membership, and Sunshine.
Bernadette H has agreed to become Treasurer. Holly P will remain as Photographer and Blog manager. However is someone want to take on the photography and posting job, Holly P will take on a different post.

Nancy F gave a presentation on finishing the center rows of the quilt and adding the inner border. In October Carol a will demonstrate how to finish the log cabin out borders.

Presented by substitute Secretary

Over The Mountain Quilt Guild
August 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order by Sandra P at 9:30am

Old Business:
a) Board Meeting – everyone is always invited.
b) At last meeting we talked about what we want to do next year.

New Business: Marilyn G has volunteered to be head of Programs next year (2018). She said it will be an easy year.

Treasurer: Carol A - $4186.58

Sunshine: Janet R – Birthday Tanya Walters

Community Service: Eileen – 23 quilts completed. She is still accepting them.

Hospitality: Shelly M – Next month (September) is the OTM 19 year Anniversary Party. Fall and Sunflowers is the theme. Carol B suggested bringing a potluck food starting with the first initial of your first or last name.

Membership: Cindy G – 26 members and one guest present

Monthly Door Prize drawing winner – Kathy K
Purple Fat Quarters winner – Ruth P
Extra drawing for those that sewed pillow cases winners – Carol S, Rosie D, Shelly M, and Bernadette H.

Notes taken by Rosie D.

Over the Mountain Monthly Meeting
July 11, 2017

Sandra Philbrick called the meeting to order at 9:30 am.  She announced that this month we were celebrating Christmas in July!  Members brought items to sell to other members.

Old Business-Sandra pointed out that no one has signed up to set up or take down tables.   She urged us to think about making a commitment to set up or take down.

New Business-

Treasurer-  Carol Anderson advised the Guild that as of the end o June we have $4231.20 in our accounts.  My apologies to Carol- Last month I forgot to mention that Carol wore “multiple hats.”  She was not only Treasurer, but filled in for Cindy Gregory at the sign-in table and ran both the general raffle and the fat quarter raffle.  Sorry, Carol.  My mistake.

Sunshine-  Janet Robey announced that there are 7 birthdays in the month of July!

First Aid Kit-  The first aid kit will now be set out on the sign-in table.  Aside from the regular first aid ointments and bandages, it also has the address for our Guild meetings and a phone number in case of an emergency.  Thank you Sandra for purchasing the kit and adding all the important information to the container.

Community Service-  Eileen Suderman had no new business to discuss

Membership and Programs-  Cindy Gregory advised that we had 25 members in attendance today,
Amy Wooley won the general raffle and Shelly Miller won the Fat Quarter drawing.
Cindy then became scribe with the help of Susannah Faith.  She advised us of projects that we brought up last year to do in 2018.
Piecing- 16 votes     Applique- 13 votes     Paper Piecing-  9  votes     Mini Quilts- 12 votes
Home D├ęcor- (pillows, bowls, etc)- 13 votes     Full Size Quilt- 9 votes     Wall hangings-  17 votes
Art Deco Quilts-10 votes     Mystery Quilt- 12 votes

We then broke into smaller groups and listed suggestions on what we would like to see done next year.  Several ideas were:
Calendar quilt  8X8
New technique taught each month
Member driven show and tell
Mystery Quilt (possibly a mini quilt)
Block of the Month
Smaller projects
Ruching hand work
Modern Quilt
Monthly table runners for holidays (done 2 months prior to holiday)
Wearable Projects like jackets, vests, etc
Hand Quilting
Wool Applique
Special Guests
Ribbon Art
Folded Stars
Local Vendors from Quilt Shop visit to explain how they choose fabrics

Note:  The ideal of a calendar seemed to be a favorite from all groups

Cindy Gregory asked who wanted to run Projects for next year.  Marilyn Gampel volunteered to take on the job.  Thanks. Marylun!
We broke for Show and Tell, then Commotion.

Susannah then taught the next row in our 2017 quilt project

Over the Mountain Monthly Meeting
June 2017

Sandra Philbrick called the meeting to order at 9:30 am.

Old and New Business-  Sandra discussed our meeting conversation from last month.  She urged members to step up and think about becoming either next year’s officers or take ownership in the other positions like Sunshine, Programs. Hospitality, etc.  She also advised that this year’s positions will ALL be open for next year.

Susannah Faith advised that next month we will be doing the blanket striped row and said it was very simple.  Just be sure to do the cutting prep work before the July meeting.  She also reminded everyone that we will have our Christmas in July event.  Each person who has things to sell should bring their own table (s), as well as a cash box of some kind.

Treasurer-  Bernadette has graciously volunteered to be next year’s Treasurer.  She filled in for Carol who was on vacation.  The Guild has $ 4,323.78 in our accounts.

Hospitality-  Shelly suggested since we are doing our Christmas in July that we bring pies for our celebration.  The suggestion was well received.

Sunshine-  Janet Robey announced 2 June birthdays   Lynnette and Jan Robey

The members broke for Show and Tell and then Holly Plugge taught the group how to make a zippered triangular mini purse and then taught row 1 of our annual project

Notes taken by Rosie Dorsey- Secretary

Over the Mountain Guild Meeting
May 9, 2017

Sandra Philbrick called the Guild together at 9:30 am

Treasurer-  Carol Anderson advised that we have $ 4,453.90 in o9ur accounts.

Sunshine-  Janet Robey announced 3 May birthdays:  Kathy Keller, Holly B and Lisa

Community Service-  Bev Reynolds advised that 10 new community service quilts will be turned in today.  She advised that the Veterans were very pleased with the quilts they have already received.  Also, she said that all the batting has been distributed.

Nancy Ford brought in a thank you note she received for the donated school bags.  Our Guild donated 104!!!  Many thanks to Holly Plugge for the fabric donation too.

Hospitality-  Shelly MIller thanked all who brought in goodies for the table.

Programs-  Sandra Philbrick and Rosie Dorsey will teach and help with the Log Cabin block after commotion,

Holly Plugge handed out postcards about Fiber Arts Fiesta will will be May 19, 20, 21 from 9-5.  She also advised that she will teach a triangle zipper pouch next month.  Guild will supply everything except the fabric.  She handed out a list of things to bring.

Also- the fat quarter drawing for next month will be polka dots!

Cindy Gregory announced that we had 26 attendees and 33 members this year

Bev Reynolds won the monthly drawing and Ruth Porter won the Fat Quarter drawing

Notes taken by Rosie Dorsey


OTMQG Meeting notes from  April 11th, 2017

Meeting notes recorded by Bernadette Houghton

Old Business
  • None noted

New Business
  • Sandra thank you for volunteers today
  • Reports
    • Treasurer Carol Anderson – end of March balance of $4,590.35
    • Sunshine – Janet announced April birthdays
    • Hospitality
      • Nancy – Thanks for 50+ school bags made
      • Shelly – Thanks Carol for bringing soup
    • Membership – Cindy –
      • Holly Plugge won membership drawing
      • Holly Bierman won plaid fat quarters
    • Community Service
      • Everyone present worked on the Community Service quilts.  Eileen and Bev worked very hard on making it easy for guild members to get them done.  There were several prizes given out each hour and it was a productive day.


Over the Mountain General Meeting

 March 2017

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Susannah Faith at 9:30

Old Business-     Susannah reminded members that volunteers were needed to set up and tear down tables.  Members needed to set up their own stations as there were no volunteers for today’s meeting.  Susannah also thanked those who brought snacks to contribute to the meeting.

New Business- Orange Guest Cards were distributed to each member.  These cards are to be given to those who might be interested in joining Guild.  The card entitles the guest to a free visit. Sign-up sheets were passed around for volunteers for set up and tear down.  Susannah reminded members that if we had the church do it, it would cost an additional $50/month.  Members agreed that we should save the expense and complete the job ourselves.  There will be a National Quilt Day in Bio Park on March 18th from 10am til 2pm.  It was shared by Carol Bush that Staples will bind books with a spiral spine quite inexpensively.  This binding makes it easy to flip thru pages or designs.


Treasurer-   Carol Anderson advised that we have $4563.12 in our accounts

Historian-    Holly Plugge handed out color copies of our roster.  She advised that when new members join she will print a colored label with photo to add to our roster.  She also told us about Tumble Weeds Quilt Show coming up April 23rd.  The show will be in Rio Rancho. 

Sunshine-   Janet Robey announced 3 birthdays for March

Community Service-Eileen Suderman brought several quilts to show.  Next month we will be working on quilt as you go quilts for our community service projects.  The quilts will be donated to veterans.  Guild will supply the batting for the project.  If anyone has fabric 1 ½ yards wide to donate for the backings it would be greatly appreciated.  Fabric strips will be supplied for the tops but donation of strips is always welcome.  There will be 23 prizes given away during April’s event,  each member who completes a quilt will be given a ticket for drawings.

Community Service-    Cindy Gregory advised that there were 20 members in attendance today.  Tanya Walter won the monthly box of gifts and Jackie Albert won the green fat quarters.

Programs-    Shelly Miller taught how to complete the double pinwheel and Carol Anderson assisted in the setting triangles.  Shelly demonstrated many types of rotary cutters and the proper way to use them.  She also handed out a recipe for homemade fabric spray and a website address where she buys 45mm rotary blades.  Shelly did an outstanding presentation and was very helpful to all.

Secretary- Rosie Dorsey prepared the monthly notes


Over the Mountain Monthly Meeting
February 14, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Susannah Faith at 10:30.  We were on East Mountain 2 hour delay due to snow. 
Old Business-  Susannah thanked everyone who brought valentine treats.  She also thanked the ladies who set up and reminded those who needed to tear down.  Jean Sinclair was introduced as a guest for the day.
New Business
Carol Brush spoke about the Winter Wool Festival that is taking place on 2-25-17.  The event is free at the Bio Park.  Also, on 3-18 there will be a free National Quilt Day at Bio Park.  Susannah Faith asked for interest in doing Christmas in July again this year.  By a show of hands, most seemed to be in favor of the event.

Treasury Report- Carol Anderson reported that between savings and checking accounts Guild has $4488.83 at the end of January 2017.
Holly Plugge advised the Guild that next month we will be receiving paper rosters of all the members including pictures.  She urged all to check the info on file and update if necessary before she prints the final set.  She is leaving a few blank lines on each page so we can add new members easily with a label.  The label will also have photos of the new member.
Nancy Ford brought in more fabric for anyone who wants to make school bags for students.

Sunshine- Rosie Dorsey announced 4 February birthdays in Jan Robey’s absence.

Cindy Gregory advised that we had 24 members in attendance today before she held the monthly raffle and fat quarter drawings.  Shelly Miller won the monthly drawing and Jackie Albert won the red fat quarters.

Show and Tell- Members brought up items to show and Holly Plugge took photographs.

Cindy Gregory and Carol Anderson gave very helpful and detailed information on how to cut and assemble the churn dash.

The meeting was adjourned at 2PM.

Notes taken by Rosie Dorsey-Secretary

Over the Mountain Quilt Guild (OTM)

January 10, 2017

Over the Mountain General Notes

Meeting was called to order by Susannah Faith at 9:30 am

Susannah welcomed everyone to a new year and introduced new officers and board members

She made a few corrections in the folders for 2017

There were no guests or new members to recognize at the meeting

Susannah thanked those who set up and asked for volunteers to help take down tables.  She also set out a signup sheet for future months

Treasurer- Carol Anderson announced monies we have in both savings and checking accounts

Historian- Holly Plugge spoke about her blog.  She advised that photos that she took in December were updated to her blog.

Sunshine- Janet Robey announced one birthday for the month of January

Community Service- Eileen Suderman and Beverly Reynolds read a thank you letter from the Vets.

Beverly explained that this year we will do a quilt as you go strip quilt which we will work on during guild.  We will need 1 ½ yards for the backing.  We will donate thru the year rather than wait until the end of the year.  Prizes will be awarded as incentive to complete these quilts.  Each person who turns in a completed quilt will be entered in a drawing.  Multiple completed quilts will receive multiple entries.

Hospitality- Shelly Miller thanked those who brought snacks for this month’s table.  She also said that since she has a little bigger budget this year, she welcomes suggestions to make/bring.

Susannah Faith explained the program for 2017.  Nancy Ford brought fabric to sew schoolbags for disaster and underprivileged children.

Membership- Cindy Gregory came up with monthly drawing box and fat quarter drawing box.  Lynnette won the monthly drawing and Shelly Miller won the fat quarter drawing.  Cindy reminded all that next month’s fat quarter is hearts or red.  Only 13 people participated in the January fat quarter drawing.

Show and Tell came next then 15 minute commotion followed by Susannah Faith explaining the color wheel and various ways to choose fabrics

Rosie Dorsey- Secretary

October 12, 2016

Call to Order:
President Cindy Gregory called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

Old Business: 
Cindy thanked the volunteers who help each month to set-up and tear-down the room for the meetings. 

Cindy reported there were several items of consensus from last months'  survey to include:
Unanimous preference to have outside instructors come to teach various topics.  Members were reminded these kinds of programs would cost the guild in terms of fee(s) for the instructor(s).
Members indicated an interest in a pattern which would incorporate traditional blocks for the 2017 project.
­New Business: 
Carol Bush entertained members with a humorous perspective on quilters.
Cindy Gregory, filling in for Carol Anderson, reported the combined checking and savings account balance was $3,850.31 for September 2016.
Lynette Rose reported 31 out of 43 members were present for the meeting.
Jalene Collins  won the general raffle and Sandra Philbrick won the fat quarters. 

Kathy Keller thanked Carol Bush for filling in for her during the September meeting by helping members with an English paper piecing project.
Susannah Faith brought a color picture of the 2017 BOM quilt.  The pattern chosen is entitled "Cabin by the Lake"  which is composed of a variety of quilt blocks.  Fabric requirements will be emailed to members prior to the January 2017 meeting.
Kathy Keller provided instruction and assistance on how to make fabric bowls.  Information for the BOM was distributed as well as a materials list for the November project, circle placemats or tablerunner. 
Members who brought their completed blocks were entered in drawings.  Winners were:  Ruth Porter and Siggi Gartman.
Janet Robey recognized the following October  birthdays:   Jackie Albert, Phyllis Ellis, Nancy Ford and Sandra Philbrick.
Community Service:
Ann Richardson reported that so far 23 quilts have been distributed and she has received an additional six which will be given out.  She continues to accept donations.

Holly Plugge provided an update on the guild blogspot.  She asked members to forward items for posting and/or let her know of any issues as they arise.

Show & Tell:
Members presented show & tell items.
Shelly Miller thanked members who provided refreshments for today's meeting.  A brunch will be held in December during the general meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Calhoun, Secretary (10-11-2016)

Over the Mountain Quilt Guild (OTM)

September 13, 2016
Call to Order:
President Cindy Gregory called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. The group celebrated the Guild's anniversary with a potluck lunch and thanked Shelly Miller who coordinated the event and those who assisted her.
Old Business: 
Cindy thanked those who set the room up for today's meeting and those who volunteered for set-up and tear-down the meeting room for November including Janet and Rich Roby, Sandra Philbrick and Cher Porter and for December, Siggi Gartman. 
­New Business: 
A survey was distributed to elicit input from members to prepare for the 2017 programs.  Cindy will compile the results and email the information to members.
Cindy asked that anyone interested in volunteering to serve on the 2017 Board to let her know.  

Joyce thanked Jerry Cates for filling in by taking Minutes for July and August in her absence.

 Carol Anderson reported the combined checking and savings account balance was $3,919.13 for August 2016.  A complete monthly report is available through Carol for anyone interested.

Lynette Rose reported 26 members were present for today's meeting.

Linda Romero  won the general raffle.   Shelly Miller won the fat quarters.  Tanja Walker won the name tag drawing. 

Carol Bush provided instruction and assistance on English paper piecing a mug rug.  Kathy Keller and Eileen Suderman won the Programs drawings.

Janet Robey recognized the following September  birthdays:   Carol Bush, Jacque Devenport, Beverly Reynolds, Ann Richardson, Linda Romero and Jalene Collins.
Community Service:

Beverly Reynolds reminded members she still has batting available for completed community service quilts.    

Holly Plugge provided an update on the website as well as the new blogspot .  She will email the blog address to members. 
Show & Tell:

Holly Plugge has taken pictures of member projects which have been posted on the blogspot. 
Members presented show & tell items.

Shelly Miller thanked members who provided refreshments for today's anniversary potluck lunch.

A Christmas brunch has been planned for the December meeting.
Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Calhoun, Secretary (09-13-2016)