Show and Tell 2016

Show and Tell 2016

December 13, 2016
Door Prize winner - Judy M

Fat Qrts winner - Shelly (Lynette ran the drawings!)

First Snow Block winner - Rosie D (Sandra Organized the BoM and prizes!)

First Snow alternate winner - Bev

First Snow alternate winner - Tanya

The person on the left and her finished First Snow Quilt.

The one on the left - 2015 BoM Baltimore block Quilt

Louise s - Door Decor Tree

Louise s - Snowman Apron

Ruth P - Cats

Ruth P - Dogs

Kathryn f - First Snow made into two - completed for grandkid families

Kathy K - Xmas Table topper and runner

Kathy K - Purple - "hidden" hexies quilt

Kathy K - Owls

Kathy K - First Snow completed!

Marilyn g - Panel Quilt

Marilyn G - Tuffet of Ties

Marilyn g - Bright Log Cabin for her own bed :)

Eileen S - Clouds 

Janet R - Scrappy quilt for Community Service

Carol B - Honeycomb Wall Hanging

Holly b - Christmas Tree Napkins

November 8, 2016
Door Prize winner - Jeanne O

Fat Quarters winner - Cindy G

First Snow blocks winner - Linda R

Holly P - Ruler Carriers

Jacki A - Minecraft Quilt top for grandson

Jalene C - Batiks quilt

Ruth P - Halloween quilt

Ruth P - Placemat

Ruth P - Rope baskets and Jacket

Ruth P - up close of rope baskets

Shelly M - Crazy Quilt table runner
(Sorry Shelly, the better photo of you had your quilt badly out of focus. I chose the quilt one)

Cher P - Out of Africa

Carol A - Jane Austin quilt

Carol A - One block wonder
(Sorry Carol, same coment as for Shelly above.)

Rosie D - Placemats

Rosie D - Witch Heads

Ready for craft show

Casserole carrier for craft show

Placemats for craft show

Handbags for craft show

Winter wall hanging

Advent calendar

Winter wall hanging

October 11, 2016
Door Prize Winner - Jalene C

 Fat Quarters Winner - Sandra P

First Snow BoM winner - Ruth P

Frist Snow - no trees BoM winner - Siggi G

Ann R - Austin Bluebird quilt Birthday Gift

Ann R with a few that made her birthday quilt - Eileen, Louise, and Beth

Sandra P - Yoyo quilt with larger yoyos

Sandra P - Yoyo quilt with smaller yoyos

Eileen - Heart strip quilt

Louise S - Baltimore Album (2015 BoM) with extras

Louise S - Fireman with special 9-11 fabrics

Beth G - Batiks

Beth G - Cowboy quilt made for hubby years ago

Joyce C - Halloween table topper 
(So sorry I didn't catch the closed eyes Joyce)

Origami Christams ornaments for arts and crafts sale

Shelly - 4 Square Satck-n-Whack

Rosie - Halloween (fav holiday)

Rosie - Halloween pot holder (folded star)

Cher - Red Diamonds charity quilts

Lynette R - 2016 OTM charity quilt

September 13, 2016
Linda R won the door prize box

Shelly won the fat quarters

Tanya won the name tag drawing

Eileen S won the drawing for First Snow monthly finish 

Holly P - Two purses from Crafty Gemini Bag of the Month Club

Holly P - Community service Wheelchair quilt

Holly P - Dinosaur Houses - a rift on a Gail Garber pattern

Holly B - Fabric scrap tray from Aug project

Claudia - Community service - Memory Quilt

Ruth P - Travel Pillow
Ruth P. Car Quilt

Cher P - Bird quilt - Spring-like for friend moving to the cold

Cindy - Jane Austen quilt

August 8, 2016
Cher won the general raffle box of goodies

Carol A won all the red fat quarters

Susannah F - Completed the First Snow BoM quilt ahead of time!

Carol S made a community service quilt

Cher P - Stepping Stone wall hanging

Linda R - Her machine applique BoM from 2015 is finished!

July 2016
Holly Pl won the box of goodies in the general drawing

Jackie A won the drawing for the pink Fat Quarters

Carol A won the prize for the First Snow drawing

Cindy G won the prize for First Snow-no trees

Susannah F - winter table topper 

Kathryn F. - Quilt for her son - a Judy N. pattern he chose

Kathy K. - Baseball theme

Kathy K.  - Fireworks

Kathy K. Dahlia

Marilyn g. - Table runner 1

Marilyn G. - Table runner 2 

Marilyn G. - Hexagons

Cher P. - Owl baby quilt

Rosie D. - Table runners for 4th of July and Christmas

Rosie D. - 4th of July Wreath

Rosie D. - Log cabin Quilt

Nancy F. - Charity Quilt

Beth G. -  Lucky Stars

Beth G. - Quilts of Valor

Beth G. -  lattice quilt

Judy M. - Applique

Judy M. - Eagles

Judy M. - Eagles back

Cindy - Origami Flower Power

Sandra P. - Vines

Sandra P. - Pink & Purple

June 14, 2016
Holly P was out of town.

May 10, 2016
Jalene won door prize box

Ann R won yellow fat quarters

Quilt show ticket winners

Jalene won drawing for First Snow blocks

Cindy won drawing for First Snow (no trees)

Susannah F won  Sandra's extra drawing

Bev R won another Sandra extra drawing

Holly P - Kauai (Vicky's fabrics) Row by Row H2O

Holly P. - Quilt for daughter's graduation from NM Tech

Holly P - accent pillows and pillow cases to coordinate with graduation quilt

Jalene - charity quilt

Kathy K - Log Cabin

Kathy K - Red, Black, and White (really! photo colors yuck)

Kathy K - Hexagon quiltlets

Holly B - Sampler Quilt

Rosie D. First Snow

Rosie D. - Patriotic Woven Placemat

Rosie D - Christmas woven placemat

Cindy - Love Blooms Here

Ann R. - Paper pieced Seasonal

Nancy F - wild flower BoM

Nancy F - Machine Applique Baltimore BoM 2015

April 12, 2016

Carol B - Her First Snow blocks shrunk!

Carol B. - Quilt Works dolls for charity

Cindy G - two pouches

Cindy G - Fleece charity quilt

Cindy G - Fleece charity quilt

Cindy G - Fleece charity quilts

Cindy G - Fleece charity quilt

Claudia - Casserole holders in abundance (outsides)

Claudia - Casserole holders in abundance (insides)

Claudia - Sewing kit and needles holder

Holly P. - Civil War Blocks made modern

Holly P. - Gail Garber inspired design Wall Hanging

Kathryn F - Horse quilt top close-up

Kathryn F. - Horse quilting

Marilyn - NM quilt in progress

Marilyn - wall hanging

Marilyn - Bright Hopes blocks

Marilyn - big Row quilt

Marilyn - Texas wall hanging

 Rosie - Corks quilt

Rosie - Folded fabric wreath

Sandra P - commission quilt

Sandra P - Floded fabric wreath

Sandra P. - Large Concentric Diamonds

Sandra P - Large SW Colors

Holly P. won door prize drawing box

Nancy won the fat quarters

Marilyn won drawing for First Snow (no trees)

Carol B won drawing for First Snow

March 8, 2016

Linda R won the door prize box

Cher won the fat quarters

Kathryn Fuller - Selvages quilt she quilted for a client

Kathryn F - Chrysanthemum quilt she quilted for a client

Kathy K finished her hand sewing kit

 Kathy K - quilts

Kathy K - Circle quilt and project sample

Kathy K - Pinwheel Quilt

Kathy K - Chevron quilt

Kathy K - Stack "n" Whack quilt

Shelly M - charity quilt

 Jalene C - baby quilt

 Beth G - Big Quilt

Eileen S. - SW Chevron

Eileen S - Jelly Roll Hexies

Nancy F. - Landscape

Nancy F - Log Cabin wall hanging

Holly B - baby quilt, table topper, casserole carriers

Holly P - casserole carrier

Holly P won the drawing for First Snow - a special card with $25 gift certificate

February 9, 2016
Holly P. took on the job as photographer

Claudia s won the door prize box

Claudia S - more box items

Carol B won the name tag drawing

Holly B won the fat quarters

Linda R - brown quilt (name doesn't do it justice)

Lind R - redwork wall hanging

 Linda R - close-up of redwork

Ruth P - Color Wheel

Ruth P - table runner

Ruth P - runner close-up

Eileen S - Batik Stars

Marilyn - Easy squares

Cher - scrappy Linus quilts

Cher - Pink Friendship and Cats

Rosie D - Aqua, Gray and White

Shelly M - waving her casserole carrier

Shelly M -  Hearts Quilt

Shelly M - Close-up of center of Hearts quilt

Jaquelyn C - casserole carrier


Cindy - casserole carrier

January 12, 2016
Photographer not present